At Varnajalam Medias , We work with a team of creative photographers who are the most passionate in capturing your moments of life to life-long memoirs. Beautiful expressions that are celebrated has to be captured so that you can admire them throughout your lives. Every moment of your life can be clicked to cherish them with your family members.

These are the good reasons why you have to reach to us for any events.

We are based in Pondicherry , India.

We do Candid Wedding Photography, Pre-Wedding Photo Shoots, Couple shoot (Outdoor & Indoor) ,Wedding Film (Cinematic Wedding Videography), Maternity Shoot, New born & Kids Photography, Birthday Party , Photo Books and Albums .

Visit Varnajalam Medias and start capturing wonderful images. Because you deserve the best.

Pre-Wedding Photographers in Pondicherry


We at Varnajalam Medias have the best Pre-wedding photographers in Pondicherry who are waiting to dexterously to capture all the beautiful moments shared between the to-be-wed couple.

Before a couple gets hitched, they want to celebrate their bourgeoning romance which they can cherish after years of staying in the bond of marriage.

Our Pre-wedding photo shoot cost in Pondicherry is also going to fit your budget properly!

Professional Baby Photography - Pondicherry

Varnajalam Medias specialize in newborn, kids, family photography, and fine art children’s portraits. While capturing these beautiful instants, our sole focus is on creating timeless portraits and creating memories through sensitive and compelling storytelling.

Being one of the best baby photographers in Pondicherry, our style includes capturing real moments that personify the curiosity, joyfulness, and excitement of childhood. We absolutely love to get creative and experiment with artistic lights, unique

views, and rhythmic angles. But most of all, we love to showcase those treasurable memories as striking representations that you and your family can treasure for a lifetime.

Our portraits have the power to make you smile, laugh, delight and even move to tears.

Professional Candid Wedding Photographers in Pondicherry

We love weddings! It gives us colossal pleasure to be that pair of eyes that captures all the unremarkable details which otherwise might go unobserved. The bride’s nerviness, a mother’s silent prayer, a father’s proud eyes watching her daughter commence with her new life, the love in the eyes of a Sibling, the groom’s nervousness and finally, the delightful calm the couple radiates after being reunited at the Wedding Stage. Every small moment and expression is treasurable and we make sure to capture them in the most realistic manner.

Our team of professional wedding photographers persistently works to provide you with the best memories in the form of spectacular images from your wedding day that can be esteemed till eternity. We use best in class gears and equipment and natural lighting solutions to capture beautiful candid pictures for the most important day of your life. Being the best candid photographers in Pondicherry, we work with the cutting-edge technology and continually explore ourselves in terms of creativity and novel ideas.

Professional Outdoor Photoshoot in Pondicherry

Outdoor photoshoots are always fun. By involving the element of nature, the art of photography can be taken to an altogether new level. We, at Varnajalam Medias, offer incredible outdoor photography that not only captures the beautiful world outside in its rightest sense but, at the same time, does complete justice to your photoshoot.

We are inspired by the world and always find beauty in our ambiances. Hence, we try to mix that serenity and grandeur of the nature with your distinguishing personality and create beautifully lit images. We strongly hold that natural light and a hassle-free atmosphere is the best backdrop for any photography.

Our designated parks are the ideal setting to capture an wide-ranging variety of family photography sessions including newborns, maternity, seniors and even wedding photoshoots.

Outdoor wedding photoshoots capturing the beauty of historical landmarks with the imaginative and quixotic elements of nature always make for a fun and joyful session. Natural light, wonderful backdrops combined with the couple’s love and smile makes for immaculate couple photography.